For certain popular items, we have set rates and you can use our online booking tool to set an appointment without speaking to us first. If you have multiple items, you will probably receive a discount but you will need to call or email us for a quote. Check our list of popular items, of which you can book an assembly appointment for online. 


 Please note we have a $75 minimum per visit. 

General Assembly Rates (these are not written in stone, just a guideline to give you an idea of what kind of pricing to expect from us.)


3 drawers or less = $32 for the frame and $8 per drawer

4 drawers or more = $35 for the frame and $8 per drawer 

8 drawers or more = $55 for the frame and $8 per drawer



$30-$70 per frame and $7-$10 per door, $8 per drawer, $3-$7 per shelf, $5-$15 per door handle, $20-$100 per pair of sliding doors



$30-$45 per frame and $7 per drawer, $7 per door, $5 per shelf



$30-$70 per frame and $2-$5 per shelf  



We also offer a variety of handyman services. Upgrading your furniture can be perfectly complimented with new light fixtures, kitchen faucets, mounting your T.V. flat on the wall and window treatments. Check out some of our handyman services.