East Side Furniture Assembly Co. is a handyman service based in New York City. We started with just furniture assembly, but now we assemble everything including household furniture, outdoor furniture, sports equipment, office furniture, industrial fixtures, etc. We cater to consumers and businesses.

We assemble!

Whether you bought it from Amazon.com or the Amazon Rain Forest, we will assemble it.


  • We work flexible hours, including evenings, so you won't need to take a day off to get your project done.

  • Schedule 1 hour windows, so you won't be waiting around all day.

  • We are insured, so your valuables are safe.   

  • Our fees are clearly stated up front. Contact us now for a flat rate quote.

  • We are handymen! So, if you need your T.V. hung or a closet shelving system installed, we can do it. Light fixture changed or bathroom faucet upgraded? We can do it. Check out our list of services!

  • We shop and deliver! If you need us to shop for and deliver your furniture items, then we can do it. Our shopping and delivery rates start at $80 per order.